Saturday, November 20, 2010


So, after requesting an iTunes gift card to use for myself, I realized at the last minute that my iPod had crapped out, so an iTunes gift card is essentially useless to me. :( But...this does give me an opportunity to give it up as a contest prize!

What do you have to do to win this? Essentially, you have to read chapter one of Witch Tourniquet, which you can find at Amber Skye F. Then, you have to answer one question so I can make certain you actually read it and didn't just say you read it for the points.


Who steps into the room just as Alice is about to attempt suicide? (This can actually have two answers depending on interpretation). This will be worth a lovely 10 pts.

After you've answered my question in the comments box, you have chances to earn more points, so start social networking away. 1 pt. for each post on facebook, tweet on twitter, whatever, and post the links to these things so I know you're not lying. :P Do all this in the comments box and please post your REAL name.

Here's what you need to post:

Contest at Amber's Editorial Dream. Prize for the person with the most points!

There, that shouldn't be too much for those Twitter users.

Get networking!

Also, the winner will be posted under the supporter's tab on my website. If you're already under there, then you've just gotta work for the gift card.

Well, have at it!

Contest will run until December 31st.


  1. I love your contest, Amber. If I had an iPod I'd enter to win your card, but since I don't I'm going to let others have a shot at it.