Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Corner Club Press Still Seeking

Just want to update that we are still seeking submissions through February 5th. All submissions thereafter will be considered for issue 2. But we will not be closed. We will simply be putting issue 1 together while giving ourselves a good time frame to collect submissions for issue 2.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Corner Club Press Open for Subs!

(This will be our unofficial logo for now)

You can read all about our dream start on our actual website, but here's a little information:

We're open to most genres/themes.
We offer a token payment of $50, but this is ONLY for THE best short story/THE best poem in each issue. After issue 1, we plan to start taking donations, but for now this thing is purely funded out of our pockets.
I myself would personally love to see some YA stories, but am open to a lot. Recently accepted a western story, so my tastes are pretty all over the place.
We love stories with surprising twists. Enthrall us. Literary stuff doesn't hurt either.
Dazzle us.

Here's our link: The Corner Club Press